Orpheum Children's Science Museum


  1. To preserve one of our community’s rarest and most beautiful historic structures by providing an appropriate and economically viable reuse of the Orpheum Theater.
  2. To become a community leader that unites schools, universities and community colleges, performance centers and groups, artists and the array of talent and resources prevalent in our community to enrich and enliven daily life.
  3. To provide interactive and accessible experiences and exhibits which facilitate learning for all social and economic strata regardless of physical, cognitive, or financial circumstances.
  4. To serve as an extension to schools by providing experiences which may be integrated into classroom curriculum and by providing demonstration materials and equipment which may be too expensive or bulky for location in classrooms.
  5. To involve parents, caregivers, and educators in learning activities which will enable them to encourage and assist their children.
  6. To serve at-risk children and their families by providing a nurturing learning environment in which they can learn the skills and knowledge which often deny them access to science and technology careers.
  7. To become an anchor in downtown Champaign’s preservation, revitalization, and cultural arts district efforts.