Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Building Fair

Children hop aboard tractors at the fair

The20th Annual Kid's Building Fair will take place on May 19th, 2012. The FREE and award-winning event gives children an entertaining and educational introduction to the building trades and coincides with Historic Preservation Week. This event celebrates a rich heritage in the arts, building trades, community history, and hands-on understanding of the built environment.

Participants can visit Carpenter City where creations spring to life out of wood, nails, and paint. Visit In My City to test your eye at recognizing local architectural gems. Go Green City explores alternative energy and building materials that are creating positive changes in our environment. A guaranteed favorite, Tile City, is an opportunity to create a masterpiece out of tile and grout. Plumbing City is sure to bring out the inner child as you plumb a water fountain. A new activity, Concrete City, will investigate our daily experiences with the science of concrete. Brick and Mortar City illustrates why the smartest pig made a house out of bricks. In all, our community can participate in 20 different cities, all related to building trades.