Orpheum Children's Science Museum



A View from the Mezzazine

I am delighted to celebrate and experience together all that 2011 has to bring for the Museum and our children and families. We are working hard to give our younger generations a special place to call their own and to provide the opportunities for them to afford and explore the Museum. Please consider volunteering, donating, or provide a special talent to help the Museum make this happen. Together, we can continue the Museum’s Mission, providing opportunities that enrich and expand the imaginations of our children.

If you haven’t visited the Museum in recent months, you will discover a new addition to our exhibits called Mission Smart Grid. This exhibit explores electricity through the generation, distribution, and electrical use in the home. We have a fantastic line up of Spring and Summer events — including March with the Penguins, DoCha, NanoDays, Building Fair, Alice and You in Wonderland, and much more! Our spring break and summer camps are guaranteed to delight and inform — all designed to encourage a love of learning! See you at the Museum!

-Sonya, Executive Director.

Spotlight on a Community Partner: Voilition

Sponsored by local video game studio, Volition, and their parent corporation, THQ, the Orpheum hosted an uDraw event for members to explore the ways in which they can use this newly launched drawing tablet device to create artistic works on the Wii™. At the uDraw event, professional video game artists worked with participants to experience the versatile and easy-to-use tools that users can apply to paint, draw, and color anything from simple doodles to intricate masterpieces. The Orpheum thanks Volition for being a community partner and making a difference in the lives of children through this interactive drawing experience!.