The Orpheum Children's Science Museum regularly hosts both spring break and summer camps to give kids a fun opportunity to continue learning even when school is out. Check here for details on upcoming camp sessions!

Information on our Summer programs will be available in late February.

Students will need to bring a lunch and two snacks for each day of camp. We also encourage students to bring a refillable water bottle.

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Spring Break Camps

Mar. 16- 20, 9 am - 3 pm



Monday, Mar. 16

Dino Days

Travel to the distant past and explore a world ruled by some of the largest and most fearsome creatures to ever live! We’ll learn more about some of these animals as well as how we learn about these ancient creatures today.

Magical Illusions

Magicians have used magic to make objects look bigger or smaller than they should, hide secret messages, or make things disappear or float. We’ll explore the science behind how the magic works and maybe learn a few tricks ourselves!

Tuesday, Mar. 17

Animal Adventure

We know of 1.2 million different animals that live on Earth! From the oceans, to the frozen poles, to jungles, and deserts, almost all places are home to some animals. We’ll learn about the many habitats and about some of the animals we can find in each.

Sound of Science

Most people hear sounds everyday but have you ever wondered how sound works? Join us in exploring how sound works, and how this affects the popular art of music. By the end we might even find out why some music is more popular than others and science may play a bigger role than you thought.

Wednesday, Mar. 18

Mad Scientist

Do you love to change or create new things? Then being a mad scientist may be perfect for you! We’ll explore how chemists can change and create new things by mixing together. We may even be able to create something that can move without you touching it. Do you think it's alive?!


Super strength, super speed, flight, telekinesis, invisibility--what would your superpower be? Join us as we explore the science that would need to go into some of the many superpowers we see in our favorite superheroes! Costumes will be welcome on this day!

Thursday, Mar. 19

Master Builder

LEGO lovers this camp is for you. The LEGO is perfect for building and learning about engineering. We’ll learn how to build durable structures and even get the opportunity to see how art and style can be important to engineers and architects.


Looking for a crash course in the field of robotics? Already know a little and looking for an opportunity to explore more? Join us in our robotics camp! Those new to robotics will be introduced to our LEGO WeDo 2.0 kits while those who may have used them before will be able to work with more advanced builds. Our most experienced students may even get to work with our LEGO Mindstorm kits for an added challenge.

Friday, Mar. 20

Geology Rocks

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and the oldest rock ever discovered is 4.3 billion years old. Rocks help us learn the history of our planet, how it changes, and why. Join us as we follow the journey of transformation that most rocks have experienced throughout the history of our world.

Migration Vacation

Do you wish you were somewhere warmer this spring break? Join us as we learn about the animals that take a yearly vacation we call migration. From birds, butterflies, and whales, we’ll learn who these animals are, why, and how they take these journeys.

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