While the Orpheum Children's Science Museum is closed its legacy will live on through the Orpheum Legacy Summer camps in 2021. This year we will be partnering with the CS+X Foundation and camps will be hosted in 15 East Main Street at, the former News-Gazette building.


All camps are now open to K-8th grade students. All camps will have a maximum capacity of 20 students. If you register after all spots have been filled, you will be added to a waiting list in case of withdraws. We practice rolling registrations which means you can register for a week that is already in progress in addition to future programs.

Students will need to bring a lunch and two snacks each day. Please do not send any nut products with your student as it is a common food allergy. It is recommended that students also bring a refillable water bottle. Any students who have medications that they must take should bring them and let me know. We can store them with our medical kit or students can keep them in their bags.


Starting the week of July 12th, special grant-funded scholarships are now available for 5th, 6th, 7th,and 8th grade students who live in an R3 zone. Scholarship cover all camp related costs. Optionally lunch and snacks are provided. To see if you qualify for a scholarship visit Type your address into the search bar, if you are inside and R3 zone the map will appear yellow. You may also qualify if your child is eligible for free or reduced lunch through their school.

Camps are located in downtown Champaign one block north of the MTD terminal. Multiple lines service nearby stops frequently throughout the day. For more information visit MTD bus tokens available upon request.

All campers must practice social distancing when possible and masks will be required for all indoor activities.


Summer Camp Costs




Early Drop off (Starting at 8am)


Late Pick Up (up to 5:30pm)


All costs per student and per week


July 26-30 / August 2-6

Ever had a chance to build your very own robot? Join us as we learn how robots are designed, built, and programmed. Throughout the week you’ll have the chance to build your very own robot with one of our LEGO robotics kits! You may even find yourselves in a friendly competition with your fellow campers! We have two varieties of kits that will be useful to all ages and experience levels so don’t be shy. This camp is suited for beginners and experienced builders alike!

In Robotics, young students will have their first introduction to robotics through the
familiarity of LEGO. Students will be introduced to block coding, and begin to understand
how to think like a programmer. While building these basic robots, students will be learning
engineering methods, which will serve as the foundation of knowledge for further
investigation of robotics. Older students will start with learning, practicing, and reinforcing the
engineering method, as well as learning a more sophisticated form of block coding. Students
will be presented with both basic guided builds and multiple unguided challenges. Students
will develop team building skills working with a partner or in a small group, learn how to best
address differing opinions within the design process, and how to adequately test a design.

Living and Working in Space

August 2-6

This special camp will use a curriculum developed by NASA as part of the national out-of-
school learning network. This camp features hands-on exploration of what it takes to live and work in space including keeping your body healthy, protecting yourself from the
vacuum of space, and keeping your ship or station safe from micrometeoroids! Students will work individually and with peers to overcome challenges both mental and physical and know what it takes to be a real astronaut.

Creative Science

August 9-13

In this camp students will learn the scientific method and practice a wide variety of experiments throughout the week. Each one will hep students understand how to ask questions, make hypotheses, and plan experiments.  At the end of the week students will be able to unleash their creativity and create their very own experiment to be conducted on Friday. 

Creative Science focuses on exploring the scientific method and how the broader scientific
community uses it to answer fundamental questions about how our world works. Students will
conduct a series of experiments from simple chemical experiments, to electrical experiments,
and even physics experiments relating to motion and light. At the end of the week, students
use the skills and knowledge they gained during the week to design and conduct their own

Engineers Save the World

August 9-13

Everyday we use tools, structures, and vehicles all designed by engineers. Without these inventions we might not be able to survive. Throughout history, engineers have been solving problems and overcoming challenges to make our world a better place. In this camp we’ll learn how engineers problem solve to make a better tool, stronger house, or taller building.

Engineers Save the World focuses on developing knowledge and familiarity with the engineering method and team building. This camp focuses on structural and civil engineering problems and activities such as building earthquake resistant structures, stable towers, and load bearing bridges. Most projects are done in small groups or teams to build teamwork skills.

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*Note we are no longer conducting camps in the museum*

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