As the school year begins for 2020 we know that many families may be struggling to balance virtual learning for their students with parent jobs and responsibilities. While the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum has closed our museum facilities at the Orpheum Theater, we still want to serve the community as an educational resource for families both now and into the future. It remains the organization's mission as we transition out of our current physical facility to be a resource for learning and fun. In order to continue this mission, we would like to establish an Orpheum Children's Learning Pod for six students where we will facilitate their participation in virtual education through their school at our facility. We will provide space and oversight during virtual school instruction as well as additional learning experiences and opportunities for social interaction for students. We are choosing to limit our pod to six students so our staff and students can best practice social distancing and other healthy practices.

All students within the pod should be enrolled in all virtual education at this time. We will adapt the time the pod is running based on the needs of the participants and when their scheduled classes occur. We will also provide supplemental activities for students to engage with during free times after they complete any assigned school work. The cost will be $225 per student per week. You can view our policies on payment and health here. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the stated policies or the learning pod in general.

If you want to register to join a pod you can register here. We are currently offering sign-ups through the end of the first quarter. You should receive an email within 1 Business day confirming that your spot is reserved or if the spots are already full. Please email education@orpheumkids.com if you do not receive this follow up email.