Special Events

PPT- Archaeology Day 2019


Sat., Jul. 27, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

We are excited to once again host the Orpheum Kid's Archaeology Day. This celebration marks the anniversary of the Archaeology Field Station and Excavation Unit while also provides C-U families with the opportunity to learn about ancient peoples and cultures, experience real artifacts, and learn how to be amateur archaeologists. Orpheum Kid's Archaeology Day is brought to you by the Spurlock Museum and East Central Illinois Archaeological Society.


This program is open to all ages and is included as part of admission to the museum: $5 general admission and free for members. Free/reduced admission available for military families, seniors, children under 2-yo, ASTC/ACM reciprocal members, and income-eligible families. Visit www.orpheumkids.com/contact/ for specific pricing details.

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